About Mark

Originally from London, Mark cut his teeth working at ThinkSync Music, a small but highly successful supervision and sync licensing company for over half a decade.

Now independent and based in the US, he sits on both sides of the fence, working both as a music supervisor and creative sync agent pitching some select commercial catalogues. He specialises in commercials, TV promos and motion picture advertising.

With almost 10 years’ experience in the field and a global network of industry contacts, Mark has been invited to numerous conferences and panels, including SXSW, SPOT Festival, Break Out West, PromaxBDA, Warsaw Music Week and more.

// Specialities //

– Creative searches or ‘pulls’ of commercial & trailer music, with a solid background in TV promos and Motion Picture Advertising particularly
– Quote requests or ballparks for use of commercial works within any and all visual media
– Negotiation, licensing and clearance of songs and copyright, with a global network ranging from majors, managers and independents to get the correct rights quickly
– Previous projects include Volvo, American Express, HBO, Netflix, FX, BBC, ITV, C4, Studio Canal, Universal Pictures and more
– Free searches within the catalogues represented, ranging from established acts to one-stop easy clear acts